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SECTION 9385-9389

9385.  The polls at each polling place for the election shall be
kept open from 9 o'clock in the forenoon until 5 o'clock in the
afternoon of the day appointed for the election.

9386.  At the close of the polls the board of election shall deliver
to the elections official all ballots, voting lists, lists of
ballots cast at the election, and all documents and paper used at the
election. The county elections official shall do both of the
   (a) Proceed to canvass the votes and declare the result.
   (b) Prepare a certificate showing the result and the number of
votes cast for and against the issuing of bonds to the board.

9387.  The board shall examine and canvass the certificates received
from the boards of election, and shall determine therefrom and
declare, and enter in its minutes as the managing body of the
drainage district, the total result of the election.

9388.  Any person interested may within 10 days after the result of
the election has been determined and declared by the board, contest
the election so far and to such an extent as the contest depends upon
the votes or proceedings had in the matter of the election in any
county, by bringing suit in the superior court of that county.

9389.  If no contest is commenced within the time mentioned in the
next preceding section, the declaration of the result by the board is
final and conclusive.