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Statutes > Georgia > Title-45 > Chapter-13 > Article-3 > 45-13-41

O.C.G.A. 45-13-41 (2010)
45-13-41. Objectives and purposes generally

The objects and purposes of the Georgia Archives shall be to:

(1) Ensure the retention and preservation of the records of any state or local agency with historical and research value by providing for the application of modern and efficient methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposal of records;

(2) Provide an archival and records' depository in which to assemble and maintain the official archives and other inactive records of the state not in current and common use;

(3) Collect from the files of old newspapers, court records, church records, private collections, and other sources data of all kinds bearing upon the history of the state;

(4) Secure from private individuals, either by loan or gift, rare volumes, manuscripts, documents, and pamphlets for the use of this division;

(5) Obtain, either by loan or gift, historical trophies, souvenirs, and relics;

(6) Classify, edit, annotate, and publish in print or electronically from time to time such records as may be deemed expedient and proper, including messages of Governors, executive orders, state papers, and military rosters of the Revolutionary, Indian, Mexican, Civil, and European wars;

(7) Diffuse knowledge in regard to the state's history;

(8) Prepare biennially an official register giving the latest information of an official character in regard to the state, including a full list of state officers, legislators, judges, district attorneys, members of Congress, county officials, etc., together with other pertinent items of information;

(9) Encourage the proper marking of battlefields, houses, and other places celebrated in the history of the state;

(10) Encourage the study of Georgia history in the public schools;

(11) Assist in the observance of patriotic occasions;

(12) Plan and coordinate celebrations and observations of events and anniversaries having historic or special significance to this state;

(13) Stimulate historical research, especially in the prosecution of local histories;

(14) Foster sentiment looking to the better protection, classification, and arrangement of records in the various courthouses of the state;

(15) Collect biographical information in regard to all public officials and to keep same on file, in a classified arrangement, for convenient reference by investigators; and

(16) Encourage the study of historical documents including but not limited to those which reflect our National Motto, the Declaration of Independence, the Ten Commandments, the Constitution of the United States, and such other nationally recognized documents which contributed to the history of the State of Georgia.