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Chapter 20.--COURTS

      20-3126.   County law libraries; establishment; election;registration; fees; filing pleadings signed by attorney; where attorneyrequired to register.(a) Any county of this state may establish a county law library, under theprovisions of and subject to the qualifications of this act. Any law libraryin existence on the effective date of this act which was established underpreviously existing statutes or previous versions of this statute shall begoverned by this statute, and amendments thereto, on and after the effectivedate of this act.

      (b)   No county law library shall be established under the provisions ofthis act until a majority of the attorneys required toregister in such county andadmitted to practice before the bar in Kansas elect to do so, except that,where a county law library has already been established pursuant to otherstatutory provisions, such library shall come under the provisionsof thisact.

      (c)   All attorneys required toregister in such county shallregister annually with the clerk of the district court in a register keptfor that purpose. The clerk shall enter the name, place of residence,employment, location of office and firm connection, if any, of each suchattorney. All such attorneys shall register within 30 days after anelection has been made to provide for a county law library, and on orbefore January 15 of each year thereafter. All attorneys required toregister, except those employed solely as public defenders by the stateboard ofindigents' defense services, shall pay to the clerk at the time ofregisteringan annualregistration fee of not less than $10 nor more than $75, asdetermined bythe trustees of the law library, except that in Sedgwick andJohnson counties, eachattorneyshall pay to suchclerk at the time of registering an annual registration fee of not less than$25 nor more than $125, as determined by the trustees of the law library.Public defenders are exempt from theregistration fee during their employment with the state board of indigents'defense services. A registration fee in excess ofthe amount prescribed in this subsectionannually may be fixed by a majority of the attorneys registered under theprovisions of this act. A schedule of current registration fees shall befiled with the clerk of the district court.

      (d)   Whenever a law library has been established in any county, the clerkof the district court, or the clerk of any inferior court within suchcounty, shall not file in the clerk's office in any matter or action, anypleading or other papers signed by an attorney required to register underthis act who has not so registered and paid to the clerk of the districtcourt the required registration fee.

      (e)   For the purposes of this section, an attorney shall be required to beregistered in the county: (1) Where the attorney's principal office islocated, if such attorney is a resident of Kansas or a resident of anotherstate; or (2) where the attorney resides, if such attorney's principal officeis located in another state. The principal office shall be the principaloffice of the attorney and not the principal office of such attorney's firm.

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