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Chapter 20.--COURTS

      20-3132.   Same; joint law library; establishment and maintenance.Upon the election of a majority of the attorneys in any county, with themutual consent of a majority from any other county or counties, a joint lawlibrary may be established and maintained in any suitable place or placesdetermined by a majority of said attorneys from each county so joining, andthe boards of county commissioners of said counties shall provide andmaintain a suitable place or places and such boards shall share equally inany expense. The provisions of this section shall be subject to all otherprovisions of this act, and shall be applied upon such terms and under suchconditions as the trustees so elected may agree.

      The trustees so elected shall determine which clerk of the districtcourt shall act as treasurer.

      No provisions of this act shall be construed to place the operation ofany county law library established and maintained hereunder or under otherenabling acts subject to any cash basis law of this state.

      History:   L. 1967, ch. 137, § 7; April 22.