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      24-408a.   Sanitary sewers of district; bonds.If the board of directors of any drainage district incorporated underthe provisions of chapter 215 of the Session Laws of 1905, and amendmentsthereto, shall find and determine by resolution that the sanitary sewers ofsuch drainage district are inadequate to meet the standards of the secretaryof health and environment and that the alteration, enlargement, extension,improvement, construction, reconstruction, development or redevelopment ofsuch sewers, including sewage treatment and disposal plants, facilities,interceptor and outfall sewers, are necessary and in the interest of publichealth and welfare, such board shall employ a competent engineer to make areport on the work necessary to be done and an estimate of the costthereof, which said report and estimate shall be filed in the office of thesecretary of such board.

      Thereupon the board of directors of said drainage district shall examineand consider such report and estimate, and if said board shall determinethat the proposed work should be done, the board shall so find byresolution and shall file with the secretary copies of the resolutionsadopted by said district board and a copy of said engineer's report andestimate, and shall request said secretary to approve said report andestimate. Said secretary shall thereupon examine and consider such reportand estimate, and if the secretary shall find and determine that thesanitary sewers of such drainage district are inadequate to meet thestandards of the secretary of health and environment and that it isnecessary and in the interest of public health and welfare that the workdescribed in said engineer's report be done, the secretary shall approvesaid report and estimate, and thereupon the drainage district shall havepower to do such work and to enter into contracts therefor and to pay thecost thereof, except that no sewage treatment or disposal plant shall beconstructed inside a city limits or for the treatment of city sewage by adrainage district without the written approval of the governing body of acity. For the purpose of paying such cost such drainage district shall havepower to issue the bonds of said district under any statute applicable tosuch district authorizing the issuance of bonds by such district.

      History:   L. 1961, ch. 195, § 1; L. 1975, ch. 462, §36; July 1.