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      24-450a.   Counties of 140,000; contract with railroad company; taxlevy.That the board of directors of any drainage district organized underchapter 215 of the Laws of 1905 and acts amendatory thereof andsupplemental thereto, and located in counties having a population of140,000 inhabitants or over, shall have power, independent of and distinctfrom the powers heretofore given, to contract with any railroad company torevet, maintain and keep in repair the whole or any part of the banks, andto construct, maintain and keep in repair the whole or any part of anylevees such board has heretofore, or by its order may hereafter, declare itnecessary to revet, maintain, construct or keep in repair adjacent to thetracks or right of way of such railroad in such district, upon such termsas the board of directors shall determine to be for the best interests ofsuch district; and for such purpose such board shall have the further powerto levy general taxes, not exceeding the limit now prescribed by law forthe general fund, and appropriate from such general fund, on hand at thetime of the passage of this act, or sums that may hereafter be raised bysuch levy, and pay to such company for such construction work, repairs andmaintenance, in one sum, or in not exceeding five annual installments, suchreasonable proportion of the total cost thereof as said board shalldetermine in such contract; not, however, in an amount in excess of the sumof $60,000: Provided, That not more than one contract shall be madefor such work, and to grant to such railroad company the right of way forthe construction, maintenance and operation of a railroad, over, on, alongor across such levees and landward thereof.

      History:   L. 1931, ch. 185, § 1; May 28.