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      24-466.   Same; hearing on petition.At the time set for the hearingof the petition, the board ofcounty commissioners shall first ascertain and determine whether notice hasbeen given of the time of hearing as is required by this act and if itshall determine that such notice has been given to make a declaration andfinding of that fact and cause the same to be entered upon its records andthereupon to hear all persons in favor of or opposed to granting the prayerof the petition and all other evidence that it may desire tohear for the purpose of ascertaining, when the petition is bytaxpayers, whether such petition contains the proper number ofsigners possessing the qualifications prescribed by this act, and whetherby taxpayer or by the directors of the drainage district whether thestatements in the petition are true; and if upon such hearingit is found that such petition is in conformity to therequirements of thisact, and that the allegations thereof are true, then such board of countycommissioners shall make a finding and decision to that effect, and shallthereupon immediately declare the territory described in the petition to beannexed to and included in the original drainage district. No territorywithin any incorporated city located in acounty having an assessed tangible valuation of more than $150,000,000shall be included within anydrainage district unless theconsent of the governing body of such city to the inclusion of suchterritory shall first be obtained.

      History:   L. 1919, ch. 188, § 4; R.S. 1923, 24-466; L. 1947, ch.242, § 2;L. 1985, ch. 116, § 2; July 1.