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§ 3-112. Not criminally responsible - Commitment.

(a)  In general.- Except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, after a verdict of not criminally responsible, the court immediately shall commit the defendant to the Health Department for institutional inpatient care or treatment. 

(b)  Defendant with mental retardation.- If the court commits a defendant who was found not criminally responsible primarily because of mental retardation, the Health Department shall designate a facility for mentally retarded persons for care and treatment of the committed person. 

(c)  Release.- After a verdict of not criminally responsible, a court may order that a person be released, with or without conditions, instead of committed to the Health Department, but only if: 

(1) the court has available an evaluation report within 90 days preceding the verdict made by an evaluating facility designated by the Health Department; 

(2) the report indicates that the person would not be a danger, as a result of mental retardation or mental disorder, to self or to the person or property of others if released, with or without conditions; and 

(3) the person and the State's Attorney agree to the release and to any conditions for release that the court imposes. 

(d)  Notification of Central Repository.- The court shall notify the Criminal Justice Information System Central Repository of each person it orders committed under this section. 

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