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§ 3-117. Court review of report of Office.

(a)  In general.- Within 30 days after the court receives the report of recommendations from the Office: 

(1) the court on its own initiative may hold a hearing; or 

(2) if timely exceptions are filed, or if the court requires more information, the court shall hold a hearing unless the committed person and the State's Attorney waive the hearing. 

(b)  Conduct of hearing.-  

(1) The court shall hold the hearing on the record that was made before the Office. 

(2) At the judicial hearing, the committed person is entitled to be present and to be represented by counsel. 

(3) The court may continue its hearing and remand for the Office to take additional evidence. 

[HG § 12-116; 2001, ch. 10, § 2.]