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§ 2-102. Powers and duties.

(a)  In general.- The State Board shall manage and supervise elections in the State and ensure compliance with the requirements of this article and any applicable federal law by all persons involved in the elections process. 

(b)  Specific powers and duties.- In exercising its authority under this article and in order to ensure compliance with this article and with any requirements of federal law, the State Board shall: 

(1) supervise the conduct of elections in the State; 

(2) direct, support, monitor, and evaluate the activities of each local board; 

(3) have a staff sufficient to perform its functions; 

(4) adopt regulations to implement its powers and duties; 

(5) receive, and in its discretion audit, campaign finance reports; 

(6) appoint a State Administrator in accordance with § 2-103 of this subtitle; 

(7) maximize the use of technology in election administration, including the development of a plan for a comprehensive computerized elections management system; 

(8) canvass and certify the results of elections as prescribed by law; 

(9) make available to the general public, in a timely and efficient manner, information on the electoral process, including a publication that includes the text of this article, relevant portions of the Maryland Constitution, and information gathered and maintained regarding elections; 

(10) subject to §§ 2-106 and 13-341 of this article, receive, maintain, and serve as a depository for elections documents, materials, records, statistics, reports, certificates, proclamations, and other information prescribed by law or regulation; 

(11) prescribe all forms required under this article; and 

(12) serve as the official designated office in accordance with the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act for providing information regarding voter registration and absentee ballot procedures for absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters with respect to elections for federal office. 

(c)  Majority vote required.- The powers and duties assigned to the State Board under this article shall be exercised in accordance with an affirmative vote by a supermajority of the members of the State Board. 

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