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Statutes > Michigan > Chapter-458 > Act-42-of-1842 > Section-458-154

Act 42 of 1842

458.154 First meeting; election of officers and directors; terms of office; board of managers; powers of convention.

Sec. 4.

At such meeting there shall be elected by ballot a president, 1 or more vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, an auditor and 30 directors. All of these shall be members of Baptist churches, and these shall constitute a board of managers for the transaction of all such business of the corporation as shall be entrusted to them for that purpose by the by-laws, rules and regulations made, or any resolution passed at any annual meeting of the members of the corporation, who shall have power from time to time to make all necessary by-laws, rules and regulations, and pass all necessary resolutions for that purpose, and to repeal, alter, or amend the same at pleasure, and to require security by bond or otherwise from any or all of said officers for the faithful performance of their duties. The president, vice-president, treasurer, auditor, secretary and directors, hereinbefore named, shall continue to hold their respective offices until the next meeting of the members of the corporation as hereinbefore provided, and until their successors are elected.

History: 1842, Act 42, Eff. Mar. 19, 1842 ;-- Am. 1905, Act 60, Imd. Eff. Apr. 19, 1905 ;-- CL 1929, 10916 ;-- CL 1948, 458.154