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Statutes > Michigan > Chapter-570 > Act-148-of-1985 > Section-570-526

Act 148 of 1985

570.526 Action for damages.

Sec. 6.

(1) A tenant who suffers damages because of an owner's failure to comply with this act may bring an action in a court of appropriate jurisdiction for the actual amount of the damages or $250.00, whichever is greater, together with reasonable attorney fees.

(2) This act shall not be construed in any manner that impairs or affects the rights of parties to create liens by special contract or agreement, or that affects any other lien arising at common law, in equity, or by any statute of this state or any other lien not provided for under this act.

(3) Except for actions that an owner is permitted to take under this act or under a rental agreement concerning personal property stored in a self-service storage facility or self-contained storage unit, an owner does not have care, custody, or control of a tenant's personal property.

History: 1985, Act 148, Eff. Mar. 31, 1986 ;-- Am. 2000, Act 443, Imd. Eff. Jan. 9, 2001