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(a) Every public or private employer of more than 25 employees shall establish and administer a joint labor-management safety committee.

(b) Every public or private employer of 25 or fewer employees shall establish and administer a safety committee if:

(1) the employer has a lost workday cases incidence rate in the top ten percent of all rates for employers in the same industry; or

(2) the workers' compensation premium classification assigned to the greatest portion of the payroll for the employer has a pure premium rate as reported by the Workers' Compensation Rating Association in the top 25 percent of premium rates for all classes.

(c) A safety committee must hold regularly scheduled meetings unless otherwise provided in a collective bargaining agreement.

(d) Employee safety committee members must be selected by employees. An employer that fails to establish or administer a safety committee as required by this section may be cited by the commissioner. A citation is punishable as a serious violation under section 182.666.

The commissioner may adopt rules necessary to implement this section.


1995 c 231 art 2 s 101; 1997 c 7 art 5 s 18