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§ 17-27-5. Municipal historical hamlet defined; powers.

(1)  For purposes of this chapter, the term "municipal historical hamlet" means any former city, town or village with a current population of less than six hundred (600) inhabitants that lost its charter before 1945. 

(2)  After the creation of a municipal historical hamlet, as prescribed in Sections 17-27-7 through 17-27-11, the powers of such historical hamlet shall be as follows: 

(a) To designate the county seat of government located at a county courthouse within the jurisdiction where the hamlet is located as the municipal historical hamlet meeting place; 

(b) To be recognized for historical districts within a municipal historical hamlet; and 

(c) To work with a planning and development district in promoting economic, community and human resources within a municipal historical hamlet and to apply for any type of grant to improve the infrastructure of such hamlet, including any small municipalities grant programs authorized, such as in Sections 21-17-1 and 21-27-23. 

(3)  Taxes or fees shall not be imposed by or against any municipal historical hamlet for any general or special purpose. 

(4)  A municipal historical hamlet shall not be considered as one (1) of the classes of municipal corporations which are prescribed in Section 21-1-1 but shall be considered an unincorporated area zoned for consideration of issues affecting the designated community through any application or process recognizing the area specifically within any county or counties. 

Sources: Laws, 2009, ch. 380, § 3, eff from and after passage (approved Mar. 17, 2009.)