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§ 25-5-25. Judgment of council.

The council shall keep minutes of its final judgments, and the disposition of each petition shall be recorded therein. If it be the judgment of the council that sufficient cause has not been shown to justify the removal of the officer, then the petition shall be dismissed and no new petition shall be filed or entertained for a period of one year from the date of the order dismissing the petition. 

If, however, the council shall be of the opinion that sufficient cause has been shown to justify the removal of the officer, then notice to the qualified electors of the county involved shall be given, in accordance with the general election laws of the State of Mississippi in the matter of filling vacancies in county offices, that an election shall be held in said county to determine the question of whether or not said county official shall be removed from office. 

Sources: Codes, 1942, § 4054-03; Laws,  1956, ch. 188, § 3, eff from and after passage (approved January 20, 1956).