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§ 25-53-123. Method of procurement of nonregulated telecommunications systems.

(1)  The only method of procurement permitted for the acquisition of nonregulated telecommunications systems, including equipment and related services, shall be in conformity with the following requirements: All acquisitions of telecommunications equipment, systems and related services involving the expenditures of funds in excess of the dollar amount established in Section 31-7-13(c), or rentals or leases in excess of the dollar amount established in Section 31-7-13(c), for the term of the contract, shall be based upon competitive and open specifications, and contracts therefor shall be entered into only after advertisements for bids are published in one or more daily newspapers having a general circulation in the state not less than fourteen (14) days prior to receiving sealed bids therefor. The authority may reserve the right to reject any or all bids, and if all bids are rejected, the authority may negotiate a contract within the limitations of the specifications so long as the terms of any such negotiated contract are equal to or better than the comparable terms submitted by the lowest and best bidder, and so long as the total cost to the State of Mississippi does not exceed the lowest bid. If the authority accepts one (1) of such bids, it shall be that which is the lowest and best. 

(2)  When applicable, the bureau may procure equipment, systems and related services in accordance with the law or regulations, or both, which govern the Bureau of Purchasing of the Governor's Office of General Services or which govern the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services procurement of computer equipment, software and services. 

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