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§ 45-14-19. Records to be kept by persons possessing or using sources of radiation; furnishing employees their personnel exposure records.

(1)  The agency is authorized to require each person who possesses or uses a source of radiation: (a) to maintain appropriate records relating to its receipt, storage, use, transfer or disposal and maintain such other records as the agency may require, subject to such exemptions as may be provided by rules and regulations; and (b) to maintain appropriate records showing the radiation exposure of all individuals for whom personnel monitoring may be required by the agency, subject to such exemptions as may be provided by rules and regulations. Copies of all records required to be kept by this chapter shall be submitted to the agency or its duly authorized agents upon request. 

(2)  The agency is authorized to require that any person possessing or using a source of radiation, at the request of any employee, furnish to each employee for whom personnel monitoring is required a copy of such employee's personnel exposure record annually, and upon termination of employment at any time such employee has received excessive exposure. 

Sources: Laws,  1976, ch. 469, § 10, eff from and after passage (approved May 25, 1976).