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§ 49-15-305. Executive director; nomination; powers and duties.

(1)  The commission shall submit three (3) nominees for the position of executive director to the Governor. The Governor shall appoint the executive director from the list of nominees with the advice and consent of the Senate. The commission may remove the executive director from office for good cause. The executive director shall be knowledgeable and experienced in marine resources management. 

(2)  The executive director of the department shall have the following powers and duties: 

(a) To supervise and direct all administrative, inspection and technical activities and personnel of the department; 

(b) To employ qualified professional personnel in the subject matter or fields, and any other technical and clerical staff as may be required for the operation of the department; 

(c) To coordinate all studies in the State of Mississippi concerned with the supply, development, use and conservation of marine resources; 

(d) To prepare and deliver to the Legislature and the Governor on or before January 1 of each year, and at any other times as may be required by the Legislature or Governor, a full report of the work of the department, including a detailed statement of expenditures of the department and any recommendations the department may have; 

(e) To enter into cooperative agreements with any federal or state agency or subdivision thereof, or any public or private institution located inside or outside the State of Mississippi, or any person, corporation or association in connection with studies and investigations pertaining to marine resources, provided the agreements do not have a financial cost in excess of the amounts appropriated for the purposes by the Legislature; and 

(f) To carry out all regulations and rules adopted by the commission and enforce all licenses and permits issued by the department. 

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