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§ 49-15-307. Powers and duties of department.

The department shall have the following powers and duties: 

(a) To implement the policy of the commission regarding marine resources within the jurisdiction of the department; 

(b) To apply for, receive and expend any federal or state funds or contributions, gifts, devises, bequests or funds from any other source; 

(c) To commission or conduct studies designed to determine alternative methods of managing and conserving the marine resources of this state in a manner to insure efficiency and sustained productivity; 

(d) To issue permits and licenses authorized by law or regulation; 

(e) To equip and supply check stations, remote duty stations and personnel for extended duty; 

(f) To develop programs to enhance the marketing of the state's recreational and commercial marine resources; 

(g) To provide gear, insignias, and otherwise equip personnel subject to the amount appropriated for those purposes; and 

(h) To discharge any other duties, responsibilities and powers as are necessary to implement this chapter. 

Sources: Laws,  1994, ch. 578, § 5; Laws, 1999, ch. 558, § 6, eff from and after passage (approved Apr. 21, 1999.)