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§ 49-15-415. Payment of penalties; sums collected paid into Seafood Fund.

(1)  Any penalty assessed by the commission shall be due and payable within forty-five (45) days of the notification of the decision. All sums of money collected as a result of criminal or civil penalties levied under this article shall be paid into the Seafood Fund created and described in Section 49-15-17. 

(2)  If the judgment is not paid within the forty-five (45) days, or within such additional time as the commission may allow, the commission may file suit in the chancery court of the county where the defendant resides or in the case of a nonresident defendant in the Chancery Court of the Second Judicial District of Harrison County or any other court with appropriate jurisdiction to enforce the decision of the commission and recover reasonable attorney's fees and all court costs. 

(3)  A copy of the notification sent by the commission to the violator shall be sufficient proof as to the judgment of the commission. 

Sources: Laws, 2005, ch. 422, § 8, eff from and after July 1, 2005.