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§ 49-15-42. Tagging, unloading and transporting of oysters.

(1)  All oysters caught in Mississippi territorial waters shall be tagged and unloaded in Mississippi. Before tagging and unloading, the oysters must be sacked or packaged in containers or by other methods approved by the department. However, a person is exempt from the unloading requirement if he is transporting the oysters to a state that has a reciprocity agreement with Mississippi exempting Mississippi residents from the unloading requirements of that state. 

(2)  The driver of any vehicle used in the transporting of oysters in the shell from outside the territorial limits of the State of Mississippi, whether the vehicle is a boat or motor vehicle, shall possess an invoice, statement or other bill of lading which bears the name of the person, firm or corporation from whom the oysters were purchased, the name of the purchaser and the number of barrels or bushels of oysters which the vehicle or vessel contains. 

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