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§ 49-15-67. Appellate procedure.

(1) (a)  Any party may file an appeal from the decision of the commission with the Chancery Court of Harrison County, Second Judicial District. The appeal shall be filed within thirty (30) days of the decision of the commission. An appeal to the chancery court shall not stay the execution of an order of the commission. Any party aggrieved by an order of the commission may petition the chancery court for an appeal with supersedeas and the court shall grant a hearing on the petition, and upon good cause shown may grant the appeal with supersedeas. If granted, the appellant shall be required to post a bond with sufficient sureties according to law in an amount to be determined by the court. 

(b) If the court finds that the order appealed from is supported by substantial evidence, is not arbitrary and capricious and does not violate constitutional rights, the court shall affirm the order of the commission. 

(2)  Upon the filing of an appeal, the clerk of the chancery court shall serve notice upon the commission. The commission shall within sixty (60) days from the service of the notice, or within such additional time as the court may for cause allow, certify to the court the record in the case. The record shall include transcript of all testimony, objections, exhibits or copies thereof, pleadings, proceedings, orders, findings and opinions entered in the case. However, the parties and commission may stipulate that only a specified portion of the record shall be certified to the court as the record on appeal. 

(3)  If, upon hearing the appeal, it appears to the court that any testimony has been improperly excluded by the commission or that the facts disclosed by the record are insufficient for the equitable disposition of the appeal, the court shall refer the case back to the commission to take such evidence as the court may direct and report the evidence to the court with the commission's findings of fact and conclusions of law. 

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