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§ 49-15-79. Prohibition of use of purse seine offshore from Hancock or Harrison Counties; promulgation of regulations governing use of gill nets and trammel nets in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties; punishment.

(1)  It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to use or attempt to use a purse seine for the taking of fish or to have such seine in the water within one (1) mile of the shoreline of the County of Hancock or Harrison in the State of Mississippi. The Boards of Supervisors of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson Counties shall have the authority to submit proposed regulations to the commission to regulate within their respective counties the use of and trammel nets. The commission may consider all such proposals submitted by the boards of supervisors in formulating regulations to be promulgated under this section. 

(2)  A person, firm or corporation convicted of a violation of this section or regulations promulgated under this section shall be punished by the penalties provided in Section 49-15-100(2), Mississippi Code of 1972. 

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