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§ 49-15-84. Requirements for the taking of crabs; crab traps.

(1)  The commission shall coordinate with the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in the development of an ordinance for the purpose of taking Callinectes sapidus (blue crab) or allied species. The ordinance shall include provisions for the establishment of size limits for individual or market use as well as establishing legal harvest size for the cultivating of peeler crabs and soft-shell crabs. 

(2)  The commission shall establish specifications for crab traps and shall require buoys of adequate size which are identified as to the owner of the buoys and traps. Recreational crabbers may use no more than six (6) crab traps per household. The taking of crabs with drop nets is permitted without a license. 

(3)  It is unlawful to catch, hold or have in possession any female sponge crab or any female crab bearing visible eggs at any time. It is not unlawful to catch those crabs unintentionally, if the crabs are immediately returned to the water. 

Sources: Laws, 1997, ch. 579, § 16; Laws, 2002, ch. 525, § 1, eff from and after July 1, 2002.