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§ 99-15-115. Waiver and agreements required of offender who enters program.

An offender who enters an intervention program shall: 

(a) Waive, in writing and contingent upon his successful completion of the program, his or her right to a speedy trial; 

(b) Agree, in writing, to the tolling while in the program of all periods of limitation established by statutes or rules of court; 

(c) Agree, in writing, to the conditions of the intervention program established by the district attorney which shall not require or include a guilty plea; 

(d) In the event there is a victim of the crime, agree, in writing, to make restitution to the victim within a specified period of time and in an amount to be determined by the district attorney and approved by the court; and 

(e) Agree, in writing, to waive extradition. 

Sources: Laws,  1983, ch. 445, § 8; reenacted, 1987, ch. 329, § 8, eff from and after July 1, 1987.