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§ 99-15-123. Disposition of charges upon successful completion of program; violation of program agreement by offender; expunction of record.

(1)  In the event an offender successfully completes a pretrial intervention program, the court shall make a noncriminal disposition of the charge or charges pending against the offender. 

(2)  In the event the offender violates the conditions of the program agreement: (a) the district attorney may terminate the offender's participation in the program, (b) the waiver executed pursuant to Section 99-15-115 shall be void on the date the offender is removed from the program for the violation, and (c) the prosecution of pending criminal charges against the offender shall be resumed by the district attorney. 

(3)  Upon petition therefor, the court shall expunge the record of any case in which an arrest was made, the person arrested was released and the case was dismissed or the charges were dropped or there was no disposition of such case. 

Sources: Laws,  1983, ch. 445, § 12; reenacted, 1987, ch. 329, § 12; Laws, 2008, ch. 444, § 1, eff from and after July 1, 2008.