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§ 99-19-153. Declaration of purpose.

(1)  The Legislature finds and declares that: 

(a) Protection of the public, restitution to the crime victim and the crime victim's family and just punishment for the harm inflicted are primary objectives of the sentencing process; 

(b) The financial, emotional and physical effects of a criminal act on the victim and the victim's family are among the essential factors to be considered in the sentencing of the person responsible for the crime; 

(c) In order to impose a just sentence, the court must obtain and consider information about the adverse impact of the crime upon the victim and the victim's family as well as information from and about the defendant; and 

(d) The victim of the crime or a relative of the victim is usually in the best position to provide information to the court about the direct impact of the crime on the victim and the victim's family. 

(2)  Therefore, the Legislature declares that the purpose of Sections 99-19-151 through 99-19-161 is to provide the sentencing court with a victim impact statement prior to sentencing a convicted offender who has caused physical, emotional or financial harm to a victim as defined herein. 

Sources: Laws,  1987, ch. 433, § 2, eff from and after July 1, 1987.