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§ 99-19-159. Victim impact statement to be made available to defense and to prosecution; statement as factor in sentencing; cooperation of victim not mandatory.

(1)  At least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the date of sentencing, the court shall make available copies of the statement to the defendant, defendant's counsel and the prosecuting attorney. These parties shall return all copies of the statement to the court immediately following the imposition of sentence upon the defendant. 

(2)  Any victim impact statement submitted to the court under Section 99-19-157 shall be among the factors considered by the court in determining the sentence to be imposed upon the defendant. 

(3)  Sections 99-19-151 through 99-19-161 shall not be construed to require a victim or victim representative to submit a victim impact statement or to cooperate in the preparation of a victim impact statement. 

Sources: Laws,  1987, ch. 433, § 5, eff from and after July 1, 1987.