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§ 99-19-37. Restoration of right of suffrage to World War veterans.

(1)  Any person who has lost the right of suffrage by reason of conviction of crime and has not been pardoned therefrom, who thereafter served honorably in any branch of the armed forces of the United States during the periods of World War I or World War II as hereinafter defined and shall have received an honorable discharge, or release therefrom, shall by reason of such honorable service, have the full right of suffrage restored, provided, however, this does not apply to any one having an unfinished or suspended sentence. 

(2)  For the purposes of this section the period of World War I shall be from April 6, 1917 to December 1, 1918, and the period of World War II shall be from December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946. 

(3)  In order to have restored, and to exercise, the right of franchise under the provisions of this section a person affected hereby shall have his discharge, or release, from the armed forces of the United States recorded in the office of the chancery clerk of the county in which such person desires to exercise the right of franchise and if such discharge, or release, appears to be an honorable discharge, or release, and shows such person to have served honorably during either of the periods stated in subsection (2) of this section such person shall have the full right of suffrage restored as though an act had been passed by the legislature in accordance with Section 253 of the Constitution of the State of Mississippi restoring the right of suffrage to such person. 

Sources: Codes, 1942, § 2563.5; Laws,  1948, ch. 505, §§ 1-3.