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§ 99-19-401. Enhanced penalty; offenses subject to enhancement of penalty; applicable crimes during which instrumentalities were initially obtained.

(1)  Every person convicted in this state of any of the offenses listed in subsection (2) of this section may be sentenced to an additional term of up to five (5) years for the offense listed in subsection (2). 

(2)  If the conditions set forth in subsection (3) exist, the following crimes, whether misdemeanor or felony, shall be subject to enhancement of penalty as set out in subsection (1): 

(a) Section 63-1-60 or 45-35-13 relating to fraudulent use of an identification card or driver's license; 

(b) Section 97-19-21 or 97-19-29 relating to fraudulent use of a credit card; 

(c) Section 97-19-33 or 97-29-35 relating to false personation; 

(d) Section 97-45-19 relating to identity theft; 

(e) Section 97-19-39, 97-19-41 or 97-19-85 relating to fraud; and 

(f) Section 97-21-23, 97-21-25, 97-21-29, 97-21-37, 97-21-49, 97-21-51, 97-21-53 or 97-21-55 relating to forgery. 

(3) (a)  The offenses listed in subsection (2) shall be subject to enhancement under subsection (1) in every case in which the instrumentality used in the commission of the subsection (2) offense was initially obtained, whether by the offender or another person, in the course of the commission of at least one (1) of the following crimes: 

(i) Section 97-3-7 relating to assault; 

(ii) Section 97-3-19, 97-3-25, 97-3-27, 97-3-35 or 97-3-47 relating to homicide; 

(iii) Section 97-3-53 relating to kidnapping; 

(iv) Section 97-3-73, 97-3-77, 97-3-79 or 97-3-81 relating to robbery; 

(v) Section 97-3-117 relating to carjacking; 

(vi) Section 97-17-23 or 97-17-33 relating to burglary; or 

(vii) Section 97-17-41, 97-17-42, 97-17-43, or 97-17-45 relating to larceny. 

(b) For the purposes of this section, "instrumentality" means the credit card, debit card, bank card, bank draft, other document or financial instrument, or any identifying information including an account number taken from the person, possession, custody or control of another during the commission of any of the crimes listed in this subsection. 

(4)  This section shall not prohibit prosecution under any other criminal statute of this state or the United States. 

Sources: Laws, 2008, ch. 525, § 1, eff from and after July 1, 2008.