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§ 99-19-45. Commitment to penitentiary; duties of clerks of circuit court; fees.

The clerks of the circuit court of the counties in the State of Mississippi shall furnish the Mississippi Department of Corrections, within five (5) days after adjournment of court, a commitment paper showing the name, sex, race and social security number of the person convicted and the crime committed, along with certified copies of the sentencing order and indictment, as well as any subsequent order entered by the court in such cause. 

The clerks shall also furnish the Department of Corrections, within five (5) days after adjournment of such court, a certified copy of the probation order of an individual who is placed on probation under the supervision of the Division of Community Corrections of the department. Such order shall provide the name of the person placed on probation, the crime, term of sentence, date of sentence, period of probation, sex, race and a brief history of the crime committed. 

As compensation for such services they shall receive the sum of Fifty Cents (50›) for each transcript, and the sum shall be paid out of the treasury of the county, with the approval of the board of supervisors, on the filing of a bill for such service. 

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