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§ 99-3-1. Who may make arrests.

(1)  Arrests for crimes and offenses may be made by the sheriff or his deputy or by any constable or conservator of the peace within his county, or by any marshal or policeman of a city, town or village within the same, or by any United States Marshal or Deputy United States Marshal, or, when in cooperation with local law enforcement officers, by any other federal law enforcement officer who is employed by the United States government, authorized to effect an arrest for a violation of the United States Code, and authorized to carry a firearm in the performance of his duties. Private persons may also make arrests. 

(2) (a)  Any person authorized by a court of law to supervise or monitor a convicted offender who is under an intensive supervision program may arrest the offender when the offender is in violation of the terms or conditions of the intensive supervision program, without having a warrant if: 

(i) The arrest is authorized or ordered by a judge of the court; 

(ii) The person making the arrest has been trained at the Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy established under Section 45-5-1 et seq. or at a course approved by the Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training; and 

(iii) The judge identifies the person making the arrest in his order and a copy of the order is served upon the person being arrested. 

(b) For the purposes of the subsection, the term "intensive supervision program" means an intensive supervision program of the Department of Corrections as described in Section 47-5-1001 et seq., of any similar program authorized by a court for offenders who are not under jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections. 

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