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State Codes and Statutes

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2A:102-16.   Violations, certain; theft 
    4.   Any person, firm or corporation who or which, having received any moneys under or in connection with such an agreement, shall fail to deposit or keep on deposit, misapply or misappropriate or to repay any and all such moneys as provided in this act, is guilty of theft by failure to make the required disposition of property received pursuant to N.J.S.2C:20-9. 

   Any person, firm or corporation receiving moneys under P.L.1957, c.182 (C.2A:102-13 et seq.) is presumed: 

   a.   to know his or its obligations relevant to criminal liability under this section; and 

   b.   to have dealt with property as his or its own if he or it fails to pay or account upon lawful demand or if an audit reveals a shortage or falsification of accounts. 

   L.1957,c.182,s.4; amended 1993,c.147,s.17.