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45:12-18.2.  Partial invalidity
    In the event that any section, paragraph, clause, sentence or part of this act shall for any reason be adjudged to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, such judgment shall not impair the remainder thereof, but shall be confined strictly in its operation to the particular clause, section, paragraph or part thereof so held to be invalid.

     L.1948, c. 350, p. 1409, s. 8.
45:12-19  Illegal practices; peddling eyeglasses, contact lenses; attending confined person.

a.No person, not a holder of a certificate of registration duly issued to him, shall practice optometry within the State, and no person shall falsely personate a registered optometrist of a like or different name, nor buy, sell or fraudulently obtain a certificate issued to another.  No person shall directly or indirectly for himself or others do or engage in any acts or practices specifically prohibited to duly registered optometrists by the provisions of section 45:12-11 of this chapter.

b.No person shall peddle spectacles, eyeglasses or lenses or practice optometry from house to house or on the streets or highways notwithstanding any law providing for the licensing of peddlers.  This shall not prohibit, however, an optometrist from attending, prescribing, and furnishing spectacles, eyeglasses or lenses to a person who by reason of an illness, or physical or mental infirmity is confined to his place of abode, or to a hospital or other institution.  For the purposes of this section, "lenses" shall include contact lenses without power, sometimes referred to as "plano" lenses.

Amended 1948, c.350, s.6; 1954, c.227, s.5; 2005, c.262, s.1.