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54:11D-7.  Apportionment of amounts to be raised in taxing districts; equalization table;  assumed assessed value of property
    For the purpose of apportioning the amounts to be raised in the respective taxing districts of the county under Revised Statutes 54:4-49, the county board  of taxation shall, for each taxing district, include in the equalization table  for the county the assumed assessed value of the property represented by the  money received by each taxing district pursuant to the provisions of this act.

    Commencing with the tax year 1969 and thereafter the assumed assessed value  of such property in each taxing district shall be determined by the county  board of taxation in the following manner:  (a) the amount of money received by  each taxing district during the preceding tax year pursuant to the provisions  of this act, shall be divided by the general tax rate of the taxing district  for such preceding tax year to obtain an assumed assessed value of such  property;  (b) this assumed assessed value shall be divided by the fraction  produced by dividing the aggregate assessed value by the aggregate true value  of the real property, as determined by the county board of taxation for  equalization purposes in the previous tax year, exclusive of Class II railroad  property, in the taxing district;  and (c) the resulting quotient shall be  included in the net valuation of each taxing district on which county taxes are  apportioned.

    For the tax year 1968, there shall be included in the equalization table for  the county (a) 65% of the aggregate fair value of machinery, implements, and  equipment and all other personal property used in business, other than inventories, farm machinery, farm livestock, crops and produce and (b) 25% of the aggregate fair value of inventories (except inventories of raw materials, supplies and small tools) including 25% of the aggregate fair value of farm machinery, farm livestock, crops and produce, used in business, as determined for county apportionment purposes for the tax year 1967.  Provided, however, that in calculating the amounts to be included under (a) of the foregoing sentence, there shall be excluded the 1967 valuations determined for the personal property of persons, partnerships, associations or corporations subject to tax under chapter 4 of the laws of 1940.

     L.1966, c. 135, s. 7.  Amended by L.1967, c. 50, s. 3, eff. May 15, 1967; L.1971, c. 32, s. 1, eff. Feb. 18, 1971.