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State Codes and Statutes

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54:5-49.  Certificate; issuance to purchaser

54:5-49. a. Each certificate shall cover only such property as is assessed as one parcel, and shall be prepared ready for delivery to the purchaser within ten days after the sale, including the date of sale as the first day, or the purchaser, other than a total property tax levy purchaser, may refuse to accept it and be entitled to repayment of the purchase price.  Thereupon the lien shall be vested in the municipality and a certificate of sale shall be made to it as if originally struck off to it.  The certificate shall not be invalid because delivered after the expiration of that period.

b.  Tax sale certificates to be issued to the purchaser of a total property tax levy shall be issued within 10 days following the tax sale and after the final fiscal year total property tax levy payment, or thereafter, according to the contract with the municipality.  A resolution of entitlement to a tax sale certificate shall be provided by the municipality on any delinquent properties in bankruptcy.  Tax sale certificates shall be issued at the conclusion of the bankruptcy proceedings, or earlier, if permissible in connection with the bankruptcy proceeding, dated as of the next tax sale date upon surrender of the resolution of entitlement to the municipality.

Amended 1997, c.99, s.7.