State Codes and Statutes

State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-mexico > Chapter-18 > Article-17 > Section-18-17-7

18-17-7. Director; powers; duties.

Subject to the policies agreed to by the board, the director:  

A.     shall be responsible for the operation of the museum in accordance with all appropriate statutes and rules;  

B.     shall develop exhibits and programs displaying New Mexico veterans history for the benefit of the public and with particular concern for the interests of the schools of the state;  

C.     shall acquire by donation or other means of acquisition any collections and related materials appropriate to a veterans museum and shall direct research as is appropriate to render the collections of benefit to the public;  

D.     shall employ such professional staff and other employees as are necessary to the operation of the museum in accordance with the provisions of the Personnel Act [10-9-1 NMSA 1978];  

E.     may solicit and receive funds or property of any nature for the development of the museum;  

F.     may enter into contracts with public or private organizations, agencies or individuals for the performance of services related to the location, preservation, development, study or salvage of historical New Mexico veterans materials;  

G.     shall provide an office in the museum for use by the veterans' services department to provide services to New Mexico veterans; 

H.     shall cooperate with institutions of higher education and other agencies and political subdivisions of municipal, state and federal governments to establish, maintain and extend the programs of the museum;  

I.     may, as authorized by the board, lend collection materials to qualified institutions and agencies for purposes of exhibition and study and borrow collection materials from other institutions and agencies for the same purpose;  

J.     subject to the provisions of Section 8 [18-17-8 NMSA 1978] of the Veterans Museum Act, shall impose and collect admission fees and conduct retail sales as are normal for the operation of the museum;  

K.     may publish journals, books, reports and other materials as are appropriate to the operation of the museum; and  

L.     shall perform other appropriate duties as may be delegated by the governor, the secretary or the board or as may be provided by law.