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Part 2.Procedure to Secure Attachment.

§ 1‑440.10.  Bond forattachment.

Before the court issues anorder of attachment, the plaintiff must furnish a bond as follows:

(1)        The amount of thebond shall be such as may be fixed by the court issuing the order of attachmentand shall be such as may be deemed necessary by the court in order to affordreasonable protection to the defendant, but shall not be less than two hundreddollars ($200.00);

(2)        The condition of thebond shall be that

a.         If the order of attachmentis dissolved, dismissed or set aside by the court, or

b.         If the plaintifffails to obtain judgment against the defendant, the plaintiff will pay allcosts that may be awarded to the defendant and all damages that the defendantmay sustain by reason of the attachment, the surety's liability, however, to belimited to the amount of the bond. (1947, c. 693, s. 1.)