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State Codes and Statutes

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§1‑77.  Where cause of action arose.

Actions for the followingcauses must be tried in the county where the cause, or some part thereof,arose, subject to the power of the court to change the place of trial, in thecases provided by law:

(1)        Recovery of apenalty or forfeiture, imposed by statute; except that, when it is imposed foran offense committed on a sound, bay, river, or other body of water, situatedin two or more counties, the action may be brought in any county bordering onsuch body of water, and opposite to the place where the offense was committed.

(2)        Against a publicofficer or person especially appointed to execute his duties, for an act doneby him by virtue of his office; or against a person who by his command or inhis aid  does anything touching the duties of such officer. (C.C.P.,s. 67; Code, s. 191; Rev., s. 420; C.S., s. 464.)