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§ 111‑29. Expenditure of equalizing funds; grants affording maximum federal aid; lendingNorth Carolina reports.

In addition to the powers and duties imposed upon the Department ofHealth and Human Services, the said Department shall be and hereby is chargedwith the powers and duties hereinafter enumerated; that is to say:

(1)        The Department of Health and Human Services is herebyauthorized to expend such funds as are appropriated to it as an equalizing fundfor aid to the needy blind for the purpose of equalizing the financial burdenof providing relief to the needy blind in the several counties of the State,and equalizing the grants received by the needy blind recipients. Such amountshall be expended and disbursed solely for the use of the needy blind comingwithin the eligibility provisions outlined in Chapter 124 of the Public Laws of1937. Said amount shall be distributed to the counties according to the needstherein in conformity with the rules and regulations adopted by the Commissionfor the Blind, producing as far as possible a just and fair distributionthereof.

(2)        The Department of Health and Human Services is herebyauthorized to make such grants to the needy blind of the State as will enablesaid Department to receive the maximum grants from the federal government forsuch purpose.

(3)        The Department of Health and Human Services is herebyauthorized to work out plans with the Secretary of State for lending to needyblind lawyers volumes of the North Carolina reports in his custody that are unusedor have become damaged. The Secretary of State is hereby authorized to lendsuch reports to the Department of Health and Human Services for relending toneedy blind lawyers. Such reports may be recalled at any time by the Secretaryof State upon giving 15 days' written notice to the Department of Health andHuman Services which shall remain responsible for said reports until they arereturned. The Department shall relend such reports only to blind lawyers, who,after an investigation by the Department, are determined to have no income, oran income insufficient to purchase such reports. (1943, c. 600; 1973, c. 476, s. 143; 1997‑443,s. 11A.118(a).)