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§ 115C‑105.37.  Identification of low‑performingschools.

(a)        The State Board of Education shall design and implement aprocedure to identify low‑performing schools on an annual basis. Low‑performingschools are those in which there is a failure to meet the minimum growthstandards, as defined by the State Board, and a majority of students areperforming below grade level.

(a1)      By July 10 of each year, each local school administrativeunit shall do a preliminary analysis of test results to determine which of itsschools the State Board may identify as low‑performing under thissection. The superintendent then shall proceed under G.S. 115C‑105.39. Inaddition, within 30 days of the initial identification of a school as low‑performingby the local school administrative unit or the State Board, whichever occursfirst, the superintendent shall submit to the local board a preliminary planfor addressing the needs of that school, including how the superintendent andother central office administrators will work with the school and monitor theschool's progress. Within 30 days of its receipt of this plan, the local boardshall vote to approve, modify, or reject this plan. Before the board makes thisvote, it shall make the plan available to the public, including the personnelassigned to that school and the parents and guardians of the students who areassigned to the school, and shall allow for written comments. The board shallsubmit the plan to the State Board within five days of the board's vote. TheState Board shall review the plan expeditiously and, if appropriate, may offerrecommendations to modify the plan. The local board shall consider anyrecommendations made by the State Board.

(b)        Each school that the State Board identifies as low‑performingshall provide written notification to the parents of students attending thatschool. The written notification shall include a statement that the State Boardof Education has found that the school has "failed to meet the minimumgrowth standards, as defined by the State Board, and a majority of students inthe school are performing below grade level." This notification also shallinclude information about the plan developed under subsection (a1) of thissection and a description of any additional steps the school is taking toimprove student performance. (1995 (Reg. Sess.,1996), c. 716, s. 3; 1997‑221, s. 20(b); 1997‑443, s. 8.45; 1998‑59,s. 1; 2001‑424, s. 29.4(a).)