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§ 115C‑154.1. Approval of local vocational and technical education plans or applications.

The State Board of Education shall not approve any local vocational andtechnical education plans or applications unless:

(1)        The programs are in accordance with the purposes of G.S.115C‑151;

(2)        The vocational programs and courses are not duplicatedwithin a local school administrative unit, unless the unit has data to justifythe duplication or the unit has a plan to redirect the duplicative programswithin three years;

(3)        For all current job skill programs, there is a documentedneed, based on labor market data or follow‑up data, or there is a plan toredirect the program within two years;

(4)        New vocational programs show documented need based onstudent demand, or for new job skill programs, based on student and labormarket demand; and

(5)        All programs are responsive to technological advances,changing characteristics of the work force, and the academic, technical, andattitudinal development of students.

Local programs using the cooperative vocational and technical educationmethod shall be approved subject to students enrolled being placed inemployment commensurate with the respective program criteria. (1987, c. 738, s. 185; 1993, c. 180, s. 3.)