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§ 115C‑310.  Teacher assistants engaged instudent teaching.

The State Board of Education shall adopt a program to facilitate theprocess by which teacher assistants may become teachers.

Teacher assistants who participate in this program:

(1)        Shall be enrolled in an approved teacher education programin a North Carolina institution of higher education; and

(2)        Shall be employed in a North Carolina public school.

Local school administrative units are encouraged to assign teacherassistants to a different classroom during student teaching than the classroomthey are assigned to as a teacher assistant. To the extent possible, they maybe assigned to another school within the same local school administrative unit.

At the discretion of the local school administrative unit, teacherassistants may continue to receive their salary and benefits while studentteaching in the same local school administrative unit where they are employedas a teacher assistant.

The State Board of Education shall consult with the Board of Governorsof The University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Independent Collegesand Universities in the development of the program. Each approved teachereducation program and each local school administrative unit shall administerthis program beginning with the 2005‑2006 academic year. (2005‑302, s. 1.)