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§ 115C‑426. Uniform budget format.

(a)        The State Board of Education, in cooperation with the LocalGovernment Commission, shall cause to be prepared and promulgated a standardbudget format for use by local school administrative units throughout the State.

(b)        The uniform budget format shall be organized so as tofacilitate accomplishment of the following objectives: (i) to enable the boardof education and the board of county commissioners to make the localeducational and local fiscal policies embodied therein; (ii) to control andfacilitate the fiscal management of the local school administrative unit duringthe fiscal year; and (iii) to facilitate the gathering of accurate and reliablefiscal data on the operation of the public school system throughout the State.

(c)        The uniform budget format shall require the following funds:

(1)        The State Public School Fund.

(2)        The local current expense fund.

(3)        The capital outlay fund.

Inaddition, other funds may be required to account for trust funds, federal grantsrestricted as to use, and special programs. Each local  school administrativeunit shall maintain those funds shown in the uniform budget format that areapplicable to its operations.

(d)        The State Public School Fund shall include appropriationsfor the current operating expenses of the public school system from moneys madeavailable to the local school administrative unit by the State Board ofEducation.

(e)        The local current expense fund shall include appropriationssufficient, when added to appropriations from the State Public School Fund, forthe current operating expense of the public school system in conformity withthe educational goals and policies of the State and the local board ofeducation, within the financial resources and consistent with the fiscalpolicies of the board of county commissioners. These appropriations shall befunded by revenues accruing to the local school administrative unit by virtueof Article IX, Sec. 7 of the Constitution, moneys made available to the localschool administrative unit by the board of county commissioners, supplementaltaxes levied by or on behalf of the local school administrative unit pursuantto a local act or G.S. 115C‑501 to 115C‑511, State money disburseddirectly to the local school administrative unit, and other moneys madeavailable or accruing to the local school  administrative unit for the currentoperating expenses of the public school system.

(f)         The capital outlay fund shall include appropriations for:

(1)        The acquisition of real property for school purposes,including but not limited to school sites, playgrounds, athletic fields,administrative headquarters, and garages.

(2)        The acquisition, construction, reconstruction, enlargement,renovation, or replacement of buildings and other structures, including but notlimited to buildings for classrooms and laboratories, physical and vocationaleducational purposes, libraries, auditoriums, gymnasiums, administrativeoffices, storage, and vehicle maintenance.

(3)        The acquisition or replacement of furniture andfurnishings,  instructional apparatus, data‑processing equipment,business machines, and similar items of furnishings and equipment.

(4)        The acquisition of school buses as additions to the fleet.

(5)        The acquisition of activity buses and other motor vehicles.

(6)        Such other objects of expenditure as may be assigned to thecapital outlay fund by the uniform budget format.

Thecost of acquiring or constructing a new building, or reconstructing, enlarging,or renovating an existing building, shall include the cost of all real propertyand interests in real property,  and all plants, works, appurtenances,structures, facilities, furnishings, machinery, and equipment necessary oruseful in connection therewith; financing charges; the cost of plans, specifications,studies, reports, and surveys; legal expenses; and all other costs necessary orincidental to the construction, reconstruction, enlargement, or renovation.

No contract for the purchase of a site shall be executed nor any fundsexpended therefor without the approval of the board of county commissioners asto the amount to be spent for the site; and in case of a disagreement between aboard of education and a board of county commissioners as to the amount to bespent for the site, the procedure provided in G.S. 115C‑431 shall,insofar as the same may be applicable, be used to settle the disagreement.

Appropriations in the capital outlay fund shall be funded by revenuesmade available for capital outlay purposes by the State Board of Education andthe board of county commissioners, supplemental taxes levied by or on behalf ofthe local school administrative unit pursuant to a local act or G.S. 115C‑501to 115C‑511, the proceeds of the sale of capital assets, the proceeds ofclaims against fire and casualty insurance policies, and other sources.

(g)        Other funds shall include appropriations for such purposesfunded from such sources as may be prescribed by the uniform budget format. (1975, c. 437, s. 1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1.)