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§ 115C‑429. Approval of budget; submission to county commissioners; commissioners' actionon budget.

(a)        Upon receiving the budget from the superintendent andfollowing the public hearing authorized by G.S. 115C‑428(b), if one isheld, the board of education shall consider the budget, make such changestherein as it deems advisable, and submit the entire budget as approved by theboard of education to the board of county commissioners not later than May 15,or such later date as may be fixed by the board of county commissioners.

(b)        The board of county commissioners shall complete its actionon  the school budget on or before July 1, or such later date as may beagreeable to the board of education. The commissioners shall determine theamount of county revenues to be appropriated in the county budget ordinance tothe local school administrative unit for the budget year. The board of countycommissioners may, in its discretion, allocate part or all of its appropriationby purpose, function, or project as defined in the uniform budget format.

(c)        The board of county commissioners shall have full authorityto  call for, and the board of education shall have the duty to make availableto the board of county commissioners, upon request, all books, records, audit reports,and other information bearing on the financial operation of the local schooladministrative unit.

(d)        Nothing in this Article shall be construed to place a dutyon the board of commissioners to fund a deficit incurred by a local schooladministrative unit through failure of the unit to comply with  the provisionsof this Article or rules and regulations issued pursuant hereto, or to providemoneys lost through misapplication of moneys by a bonded officer, employee oragent of the local school administrative unit when the amount of the fidelitybond required by the board of education was manifestly insufficient. (1975, c. 437, s. 1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1.)