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Article 31A.

Civil Penalty andForfeiture Fund.

§ 115C‑457.1.  Creationof Fund; administration.

(a)        There is createdthe Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund. The Fund shall consist of the clearproceeds of all civil penalties, civil forfeitures, and civil fines that arecollected by a State agency and that the General Assembly is authorized toplace in a State fund pursuant to Article IX, Section 7(b) of the Constitution.

(b)        The Fund shall beadministered by the Office of State Budget and Management. The Fund and allinterest accruing to the Fund shall be faithfully used exclusively formaintaining free public schools. (1997‑443, s. 8.20; 2000‑140, s. 93.1(a);2001‑424, s. 12.2(b); 2003‑423, s. 2.)