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§ 115C‑504. Necessary information in petitions.

The petition for an election shall contain such of the followinginformation as may be pertinent to the proposed election:

(1)        Purpose for calling the proposed election.

(2)        A legally sufficient description of the area, by metes andbounds or otherwise, in which the election is requested.

(3)        The maximum rate of tax which is proposed to be levied. Thissubdivision shall not apply to a petition for an election to enlarge a cityadministrative unit.

(4)        If the petition is for an election to enlarge a cityadministrative unit, it shall state therein that, if a majority of those whoshall vote in the area proposed to be consolidated with the city administrativeunit shall vote in favor of such enlargement, such area shall be consolidatedwith the city administrative unit, effective July 1 next following suchelection, and that there shall thereafter be levied in such area soconsolidated with the city administrative unit the same school taxes as shallbe levied in the other portions of the city administrative unit, including anytax to provide for the payment of school bonds theretofore issued by or forsuch city administrative unit or for all or some part of the school areaannexed to such city administrative unit, unless payment of such bonds hasotherwise been provided for.

(5)        If the petition for an election is to supplement andequalize educational advantages, and if any school districts in the area inwhich it is proposed to vote such a tax have heretofore voted a supplementarytax, the petition and the notice of election shall state that in the event suchelection is carried, it will repeal all local taxes heretofore voted in anydistrict except those in effect for debt service in any district, unless suchdebt service obligation is assumed by the county or otherwise provided for. (1955, c. 1372, art. 14, s. 4; 1957, c. 1271, ss. 3‑5;1981, c. 423, s. 1.)