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Article 1A.

MH/DD/SA ConsumerAdvocacy Program.

§ 122C‑10.  (Thisarticle has a contingent effective date – see note) MH/DD/SA Consumer AdvocacyProgram.

The General Assembly findsthat many consumers of mental health, developmental disabilities, and substanceabuse services are uncertain about their rights and responsibilities and how toaccess the public service system to obtain appropriate care and treatment. TheGeneral Assembly recognizes the importance of ensuring that consumers haveinformation about the availability of services and access to resources toobtain timely quality care. There is established the MH/DD/SA Consumer AdvocacyProgram. The purpose of this Program is to provide consumers, their families,and providers with the information and advocacy needed to locate appropriateservices, resolve complaints, or address common concerns and promote communityinvolvement. It is further the intent of the General Assembly that theDepartment, within available resources and pursuant to its duties under thisChapter, ensure that the performance of the mental health care system in thisState is closely monitored, reviews are conducted, findings and recommendationsand reports are made, and that local and systemic problems are identified andcorrected when necessary to promote the rights and interests of all consumersof mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services. (2001‑437, s. 2; 2002‑126,s. 10.30; 2003‑284, s. 10.10; 2005‑276, s. 10.27.)