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Part2A.  Consolidated Human Services.

§ 122C‑127. Consolidated human services board; human services director.

(a)        Except as otherwiseprovided by this section and subject to any limitations that may be imposed bythe board of county commissioners under G.S. 153A‑77, a consolidatedhuman services agency shall have the responsibility and authority set forth inG.S. 122C‑117(a) to carry out the programs established in this Chapter inconformity with the rules and regulations of the Department and under the supervisionof the Secretary in the same manner as an area authority. In addition to thepowers conferred by G.S. 153A‑77(d), a consolidated human services boardshall have all the powers and duties of the governing unit of an area authorityas provided by G.S. 122C‑117(b), except that the consolidated humanservices board may not:

(1)        Appoint the humanservices director.

(2)        Transmit or presentthe budget for social services programs.

(3)        Enter intocontracts, including contracts to provide services to governmental or privateentities, unless specifically authorized to do so by the board of countycommissioners in accordance with county contracting policies and procedures.

(b)        In addition to thepowers conferred by G.S. 153A‑77(e), a human services director shall haveall the powers and duties of an area director as provided by G.S. 122C‑121,except that the human services director may:

(1)        Serve as theexecutive officer of the consolidated human services board only to the extentand in the manner authorized by the county manager.

(2)        Appoint staff of theconsolidated human services agency only upon the approval of the countymanager.

The human services director isnot an employee of the area board, but serves as an employee of the countyunder the direct supervision of the county manager. (1995 (Reg. Sess., 1996), c.690, s. 12.)