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Part 4A. Consumer and FamilyAdvisory Committees.

§ 122C‑170.  LocalConsumer and Family Advisory Committees.

(a)        Area authoritiesand county programs shall establish committees made up of consumers and familymembers to be known as Consumer and Family Advisory Committees (CFACS). A localCFAC shall be a self‑governing and a self‑directed organizationthat advises the area authority or county program in its catchment area on theplanning and management of the local public mental health, developmental disabilities,and substance abuse services system.

Each CFAC shall adopt bylawsto govern the selection and appointment of its members, their terms of service,the number of members, and other procedural matters. At the request of eitherthe CFAC or the governing board of the area authority or county program, theCFAC and the governing board shall execute an agreement that identifies theroles and responsibilities of each party, channels of communication between theparties, and a process for resolving disputes between the parties.

(b)        Each of thedisability groups shall be equally represented on the CFAC, and the CFAC shallreflect as closely as possible the racial and ethnic composition of thecatchment area. The terms of members shall be three years, and no member mayserve more than two consecutive terms. The CFAC shall be composed exclusivelyof:

(1)        Adult consumers ofmental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services.

(2)        Family members ofconsumers of mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuseservices.

(c)        The CFAC shallundertake all of the following:

(1)        Review, comment on,and monitor the implementation of the local business plan.

(2)        Identify servicegaps and underserved populations.

(3)        Make recommendationsregarding the service array and monitor the development of additional services.

(4)        Review and commenton the area authority or county program budget.

(5)        Participate in allquality improvement measures and performance indicators.

(6)        Submit to the StateConsumer and Family Advisory Committee findings and recommendations regardingways to improve the delivery of mental health, developmental disabilities, andsubstance abuse services.

(d)        The director of thearea authority or county program shall provide sufficient staff to assist theCFAC in implementing its duties under subsection (c) of this section. Theassistance shall include data for the identification of service gaps andunderserved populations, training to review and comment on business plans andbudgets, procedures to allow participation in quality monitoring, and technicaladvice on rules of procedure and applicable laws. (2006‑142, s. 5.)